Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section about Genera mockup generator platform

What your website selling?

We sell the ability to use mockups online without using Photoshop. Without sharing the original .*psd mockup file with your clients.

How i can benefit from it?

Create your mockup and publish it on the website using the automation zone. When publishing, you can set a price for one photo. After the user pays, we will send you the money.

I can’t see fees on your website

Today we do not charge a commission for our services; you will receive 97% of the funds sent by users, with the exception of 3% for acquiring services.

What is the withdrawal option?

We make payments to Visa Mastercard cards and USDT TRC20.

How to withdraw balance?

Log in to your personal account and click the Withdraw button.

Do you accept Wise or PayPal for withdrawal?

No, unfortunately we do not support Wise and PayPal